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Addicted To Apps

Our team is a distruptive company for the design and development to solve everyday problems, simplify frustrating tasks, and add an awesome experience to your business. Our full-stack solutions include iOS and Android mobile app development services with Native and Hybrid while also including app solutions like PWA as well as custom software suite web application development services in addition to all sorts of other creative work we can handle. Your app cannot be boring. Make it something people can't live without.

Build apps that reasonate.

Addicted To Apps know what they are doing. Our team will do anything it takes to make sure your apps are designed for your success.

Mobile App Development

Your customers deserve the best experience. Nothing benefits them more than a custom app developed with their needs in mind, made to order for businesses big and small.

Web App Development

Web app development is all about the future. The powerful apps are changing how we live, work. A cutting-edge technology has changed businesses around us and you can be next.

UX & UI Design

UX & UI design play an essential role in achieving the primary goal of any business; Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty to help increase numbers for your application's users!

Why Addicted To Apps?

We are motivated by technology to advance people's life. Bring certainty to your business and restore your revenue today.
Local Design. International Expert
Our team members work tirelessly to deliver the best, combining technological advancement with highly creative features and design.
Premium Customer Service
Committed to providing outstanding personal service which allows you to always stay head of the pack.


Pooling of significant expertise and creative ideas at the highest level. You can rely on our experience to craft clever, tailored applications.

What our clients said


Sarah M.

A great app development company with a passion to do the best for their clients.

Jonas K.

Grace is confident, knows what to do, get the work done. She listens to you without being pushy just to make a sale.

Karen J.

It's exactly what I've been looking for!


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    Grace Wong

    Founder & Director at Addicted To Apps
    We love challenges. Create beautiful functional apps are our business. Simplicity. Value. Aesthetics ;)

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