Why Mobile Apps are Important for Your Business

28 November, 2021

Stay Connected with Your Customers – Wherever, Whenever

Be there or be square, 2020’s acceleration of digital transformation

To say that this year’s akin to a rollercoaster you were forced to ride, despite your vehement protests, would be a wild understatement. None of us were prepared for the coronavirus pandemic and the whirlwind of unexpected changes that tagged along. Nationwide toilet paper shortage insanity, coupled with every man and his dog being served a real-life Monopoly “Go Directly to Jail” lockdown card? That’s gold stand-up comedy material.

With COVID-19 gate crashing the 2020 party, bringing with it enforced lockdowns and operational restrictions, many Australian businesses were kicked into fight-or-flight mode. Some nimbly pivoted, capitalising on their ability to continue activities online, while others were left with no choice but to shut their doors. From contactless delivery to sourcing alternative supply chains, replacing in-person appointments with video conferencing to employees working remotely, creativity and dynamic responsiveness has been key to continuance.

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the undeniable importance of having a digital presence, another avenue to stay connected with your customers.

How a custom mobile app can future-proof your business

Now more than ever, your customers are growing increasingly reliant on the convenience and ease of mobile-friendly business applications. Mobile app usage has grown 40% year-on-year in the second quarter of 2020 and in-app consumer spending surged to a record high of $27 million. Homebound or not, they’re spending significantly more time scrolling on their smartphone and changing their buying habits.

Whether it’s online healthcare appointments, exercise apps, online banking or home grocery delivery, customers are accustomed to this mobile-friendly, not-so-new way of life. Here to stay, this behavioural trend will only keep intensifying, serving as a wake-up call for businesses to accelerate their on-demand digitalisation efforts in the modern environment.

8 benefits of mobile apps for small businesses

  • 24/7 instant customer access and engagement
  • Fosters stronger customer relationships
  • Boosts value perception through a rewards or loyalty program
  • Ability to send push notifications and alerts when new offerings arrive
  • Opportunity to personalise content for a more immersive experience
  • Encourages more purchases
  • Strengthens your brand, setting you apart from your competitors
  • Appeals to younger demographics

To secure long-term viability of your mobile app development, you need to think and strategise ahead. Analyse your customers’ existing journey and relationship with your brand, consider all the touchpoints where they’re actively engaging. Identify current pain points that are potential barriers to conversion and explore how you can overcome these within an app, catering a more enjoyable user experience. Even if you hit the ground running, ensure that contingency and fallback plans are in place, in case things go askew. Sure, it doesn’t have to be perfect from the get-go, you just need to have a game plan that allows for continual innovation. Ask for customer feedback, assess their usage behaviours and look at what your competitors are doing – adapt and improve. As your business grows and customer demands change, make sure that your mobile app is prepared to intuitively grow with you.

Don’t wing it, nail it by talking to an expert with all the mobile app development know-how

Rather than hastily throwing a band-aid solution together, discuss your mobile app ideas with a specialist small business app developer. Since 2016, the team at Connect Mobile Apps have been creating simple, bespoke mobile app solutions to help businesses catalyse growth, boost revenue and amplify customer delight. Listening to your needs and providing innovative, customised solutions, we take the mumbo-jumbo out of your mobile app development experience. Ready to discover your business’s potential?

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